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SF Open Studio 2012 @ sfclayworks

As we celebrated the one year anniversary of our new clay studio this past weekend, the artists of sfclayworks held their first SF Open Studios event at 2240 Palou Avenue. Hmm, can we say new any longer? Most of us were apprehensive about our prospects of drawing an audience to our Palou Avenue location, as we are a bit off the beaten path, but we would all agree the turn out over the past two days surpassed our expectations. Besides the six artists displaying their work at sfclayworks, we also featured a very successful jam pop-up with Saba jam-run by Saba Parsa, a student and hands up worker at sfclayworks. Saba jam added another level of interest to our open studio that was unexpected, but very appreciated [...]

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Happy Anniversary sfclayworks

It is hard to believe, but sfclayworks is celebrating its one year anniversary!  We signed the lease for sfclayworks at 2240 Palou Avenue at the beginning of October 2011 and moved in after the dust settled at our previous studio, The Clay Studio-a place many of us had called home for many years. All the hard work during the year has paid off and we now have a beautiful ceramics studio to continue making work. It has not been easy getting sfcw operational, but one year later we are proud to say that we are open to the public and are providing San Francisco with a vibrant place to explore the ceramic arts. We offered our first class in January of 2012 and we have [...]

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sfcw Looks at Pottery Making in “Korea”

Following the theme of sfcw takes a look at pottery around the world, sfcw will be taking a look at pottery making in “Korea.” You must have noticed that Korea is in quotes in the title of this blog post-its in quotes because we will be looking at Korea through the eyes and experiences of American potter Adam Field from Durango, Colorado. Adam Field was recently in the Bay Area giving demos of his work. A couple of us from sfcw had a chance to see him work on a few of his carved porcelain pieces as well as hear him talk about his experiences working in Korea. While in Korea Adam learned Korean pottery practices such as clay preparation, making the traditional Korean pickling jars known as ongii, as well [...]

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sfclayworks Looks at Pottery in Japan

One of the students at sfclayworks reminded me the other day of the two Peeler art series videos that were in one of the past blog posts-Pottery of the USA part 1 and 2. Sometimes when we are learning a new craft we think there is only one way of doing something, but here at sfcw we constantly remind students that there are always a variety of ways to achieve the same goal. Students need to try out various techniques and see what works for them.  When teaching pottery we show a student how to achieve a final product, but ultimately the student must feel and experience the process for themselves and decide how to best reach their desired piece. Pottery making has been done all around [...]

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sfclayworks Students “Feats” with Feet

Believe it or not, Session Two is already over at sfclayworks and we are currently in the second week of Session Three . Time has been flying by this year! During Session One, many of us were trying to get comfortable in our new space, at least that was the excuse  from many students as to why they did not follow through on their first project. Our first projects focus was “change”, a reference to the big changes we all had with the closure of our last home, “The Clay Studio.” The students who did the project did an excellent job of challenging them selves. It is always good when they stretch and try something new. During Session Two there was a bigger response to [...]

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sfclayworks First High Firing

Since the opening of sfclayworks last November we have celebrated many “firsts”-first pot made in the studio, first bisque, and first class. This past weekend at sfcw we celebrated our first high temperature glaze firing in our new gas reduction kiln. Of all the ground breaking events around here at sfcw, this is the final piece of the puzzle that really makes us feel like we have established our new home. We are happy to report we reached cone 9+ in about 10 hours. It will be a nail biting couple of days waiting to see the results, and Tuesday I can give a full update on sfcw first reduction firing. Here are a few shots from the firing day, and Tuesday I will update with photos of some work.   [...]

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sfclayworks Studio Warming

  It was a beautiful day on Saturday, April 7, 2012 when sfclayworks held a studio warming for our new ceramics studio. The event was well attended-many of the guests had heard of sfclayworks, but this was their first visit to see the results of all the work we have all been doing here.  The sun was shining bright on Saturday and many of our guests had the opportunity to sit out in front of the studio and bask in the sunlight. The front of the studio is frequently awash in sunlight and we often sit in front of the studio on our beautiful hand crafted benches to have lunch. We can even lay on the grass if we really want to relax. A clay [...]

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Hands up

First off, what a silly name for our “apprenticeship” program. When I dreamed up the name of sfcw “apprenticeship” program, I never thought about its other connotation. I only thought of the idea of giving someone information-helping them, not robbing them! Somehow everytime hands up gets mentioned at the studio people immediately throw both hands up in the air. I tried to change the name of the program, but when I mention it everyone shouts, ”NO, I like it!” Silly name aside, I would like to introduce you to the two of sfcw most valuable assets.  sfcw two studio “apprentices” Janelle and Saba have been hard at work learning and working in the studio.  Both Saba and Janelle submitted applications to sfcw and expressed interest [...]

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sfclayworks New Kiln Is Here!

The count down clock ticked away for the past five days and today, the day we have been anticipating at sfclayworks, finally arrived. Early this morning our gas reduction kiln was delivered to us by Leslie Ceramics of Berkeley, CA. As you will see in the photos below, the kiln and hood arrived on the back of a flatbed truck ready to be fork lifted off and mauvered into position. The installation was easy according to the Leslie staff, but still involved some tricky moves like making a tight turn after sneaking it in under our roll up door with only inches to spare. Our plumber Mike was on hand to finish up the ductwork he had been working on last week, and more importantly [...]

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Gas Kiln Countdown!

Our gas kiln is coming! Thursday, Feb 23, 2012 will be a momentous day at sfcw. It will be very exciting to see the kiln being driven up Oakdale Street and off loaded through our roll up door. We ordered our gas kiln through Leslie Ceramics in Berkeley, California at the end of 2011 and during the last month and a half, it was being built in southern California by Ceramics Services. Before we do any ceramic firings in the kiln, maybe we need to cook up some pizza!  Pizza anyone? Countdown Clock      

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