Communi-tea Update

There has been lots of activity at sfclayworks lately and we have gotten behind posting our latest news. When we last updated the blog we were simultaneously getting ready for sfclayworks first student and community members exhibition-Communi-tea, and SF Open Studios 2013.  In this blog we are hoping to share a few photos of the Communi-tea opening party that was held October 25th, 2013 and a few snap shots of work in the show. sfclayworks first student and community member exhibition was a smashing success! Everyone who participated in the exhibit did an incredible job putting together some beautiful work for our first exhibition. Based on the response of our members and the visiting public, we are already thinking about  a theme for our next [...]

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Upcoming Events @ sfclayworks

Things are very busy at sfclayworks. On Friday, October 25th, 2013 at 7:30pm, sfclayworks will be holding an "opening party" for Communi-tea: An exhibition of student and community work. Students and community members have been gearing up for the exhibit, and we hope they invite their friends and family to celebrate with them. So far the results of the firings have been good and we can't wait to see how their work shines in our gallery space. Besides Communi-tea, sfclayworks studio artists are also getting ready for their own opportunity to show what they have been up to during the year. SF Open Studios 2013 is happening November 2-3, 2013 from 11am-6pm at our studio sfclayworks in San Francisco at 2240 Palou Avenue, 94124. There will [...]

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Thank you “Glaze Goddess!”

A giant thank you to Janelle Ziobro Moynihan, for two wonderful years of working with us at sfclayworks as one of our first "hands-up" workers. When we first got started at sfclayworks and implemented our "hands-up" program, Janelle was the first person to step up and express interest in making a commitment to learning more about working in the studio. We already knew we could count on Janelle because even before the doors at sfclayworks were officially open, Janelle came down to the studio and helped our crew build the studio we have today. Janelle has been a natural in the studio. Though she came in with a very basic knowledge of glazes, Janelle tackled the dreaded sink sludge and came up with some of [...]

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In the Gallery: An Exhibition of Student and Community Work

Communi-tea Opening invite for your use (8x10) Students and community members, use the above photo (8"x10") to invite your friends and family to sfclayworks Communi-tea opening event, or use the 4x6 size jpeg at the bottom of this post.   To help highlight the great work being done by the students and community members at sfclayworks, sfclayworks will be hosting an exhibition of work created within our clay community. Students and community members are going to be given two sessions to come up with work that represents the sense of community we have at sfclayworks as well as create something that has a relationship to "tea". The exhibition will open in late October and will be on display during SF Open Studios 2013. [...]

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In the Gallery: Ellen Shankin

sfclayworks gallery space will be showcasing the work of artist Ellen Shankin, a full-time professional potter from Floyd, Virginia. We are honored to have Ellen’s work as the inaugural exhibition in sfclayworks newly created gallery space. This exhibit coincides with a two day workshop at sfclayworks where Ellen will be sharing her thoughts and working methods with an eager group of potters. Ellen’s pottery will be on display starting Friday, June 28 and will be available for viewing until July 5th. Please note that the display will be smaller after the workshop as many of our workshop participants are returning to their respective cities and must take their pieces with them when they leave the workshop. We hope you make time to stop in and [...]

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Making Pots for the San Francisco Opera

sfclayworks was recently approached to make pottery pieces for the world premier San Francisco Opera production of The Gospel of Mary Magdelene - music and libretto by Mark Adamo. Unsure if we could satisfy the needs of the production, we met with "Prop Master" Lori Harrison to go over what was expected of us. We were given images and dimensions for the pieces and ultimately we were asked to make the following forms and also a variety of shards. Wedding Bottles - Make 2. Height: 14” (width proportional to height) Tavern Mugs - Make 18. Height: 4"-5” (width proportional to height) Tavern Bottles  - Make 4. Height 9"-10"(width proportional to height) Wedding Goblets - Make 4. Width: 4 “ (height proportional to width) As everyone who makes pottery [...]

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Opening: Beth Ozarow, March 22, 2013, 6-9pm

sfclayworks very own Beth Ozarow is having a show. Beth is a studio holder at San Francisco, California ceramics studio sfclayworks. Most of Beth’s work is constructed using a modified slab coiling technique and after firing they are given a rich and colorful finish with acrylic paints. To see more of Beth’s work and learn more about Beth, please check her website link at Beth will be showing her work with Barbara Vanderbeck, and Linda Fahey in a show titled, FLOWER POWER: Vessels and Sculpture Inspired by Flora. Where: Ruby’s Clay Studio, 552A Noe Street, San Francisco, CA 94114 When: March 16-March 31 Opening Event: March 22 6-9pm Take a look at the poster below and get a taste of what to expect.

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2013 Is Looking Bright at sfclayworks

Hello 2013, After out first successful year at sfclayworks, we were looking to make improvements to the studio which would help make everyones experience at sfclayworks first rate. Over the holidays we did a remodel of our entry area and we are very pleased with the results of this transformation. The carpet that everyone hated has been removed, the desk has been relocated, and the front room now seems spacious enough to accommodate the display, “gallery” space, that we all envisioned at the start of this adventure. Now we can start dreaming about our first exhibition! Another change in the studio is better lighting in the workspace. Faced with new city regulations for businesses to improve energy efficiency, and to make changing a light bulb [...]

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A Successful Year at sfclayworks

As we close out 2012 all of us at sfclayworks are thankful that our transition from being studio renters, to studio “business owners” has been a success. With the threat of losing our workspace to continue our exploration of the ceramic arts at the end of October 2011 our group of dedicated artists persevered and managed to make our way through our first successful year! It has been an incredible journey “learning the ropes” of how to make sfclayworks run smoothly. Just to list a few of the hurdles we have overcome this past year - finding a suitable location, building studio spaces, installing electricity, ordering and installing a gas kiln, developing and scheduling programs, creating business cards and brochures, creating a website and a web presence, mixing glazes, [...]

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First Annual Box Party 2012

On December 9, 2012, sfclayworks held their first annual box party. “The Box Party,” a long standing tradition at our former studio, The Clay Studio, was a tradition that may have been going on for 25 years before the studio closed in 2011. “The Box Party” has always been one of the most anticipated and beloved events of the year - a wonderful opportunity for the entire studio community to come together and celebrate our common bond of creativity. For many it is a time to visit old friends and perhaps make new ones as we gather together to celebrate. In keeping with old traditions, the studio was transformed into an elegant display. Our normally dusty studio was equipped with rented chairs and tables adorned with white [...]

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