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Emergency Studio Closure Update 5-16-2020 (see message below)


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The studio will temporarily close after Mon. March 16th at 9pm due to the recent COVID-19 virus.


Studio News:


STUDIO UPDATE: 5-16-2020 

Hello again everyone!

Just a brief update on what we have tentatively planned as we move forward. As all of you know, since the shelter in place order began in San Francisco on March 17, 2020, we have seen the extension of the sheltering plan change a number of times. With this ever moving target, any dates we come up with are subject to change, but we feel we must begin planning so we are ready to spring into action once we receive a green light. 

Knowing full well these dates may not work out, our plan is to start our Session 4 classes on Monday, June 22, and if we are permitted we hope to open our doors early on June 12th to thank all of you for your kindness and generosity during this uncertain time. It’s times like this that we realize our beloved studio is not just a place to get our hands dirty and be creative, but a place where we have created an incredible community. We miss all of you! 

If you missed out on the first studio Zoom event, keep your eyes peeled for an invite to our next one. Seeing so many familiar faces warmed our hearts and made us long for the time we can once again be in the studio together.

See you at the next Zoom Happy Hour that will be happening May 22, at 5pm. Check your email box for details. Hope to see you!


STUDIO UPDATE: 4-1-2020 

Hello to everyone!

We so appreciate your patience, good will and support, as we work through how best to operate the studio during this uncertain and ever-changing time. Since yesterday’s extension of the shelter in place order through May 3, we’ve been working to layout a revised plan for the next couple of months.  This may, of course, change over time, so keep that in mind moving forward.  We are eager to reopen and get everybody’s hands back into the mud!  Our hope is to reopen the studio quickly following the end of the countywide order, and when we feel a safe environment can be provided for all studio members.

Here are the basics of what we are planning:

Due to the uncertain nature of the COVID-19 virus, we have decided to cancel Session 3. Fees for Session 3 will roll over into payment for Session 4.  If you have already paid, and plan to be in Session 4, you are all set!  Nothing else for you to do.
Given what we know today, our tentative plan is to open the studio to everyone before Session 4 begins.  We’re aiming at a reopening date of Tuesday, June 9, BUT there are specific conditions that must be met for us to be able to do this.  These conditions are:

– The shelter in place order must have ended.

– The health of the staff at that time must be good enough for studio hours and duties to be covered.

– Reopening must be in the best interests of the continued safety and health of the studio community, as well as the community at large.

Please note that some of these dates have been changed above in our 5-16-2020 update.
If we determine that these conditions are met at that time, we’ll open for our regular studio hours beginning on Tuesday, June 9, but will NOT have class times until Session 4 begins on Tuesday, June 23rd. Everyone enrolled in Session 4, and those that are current members of community space will be welcome to come in and work!

All of you help maintain this truly wonderful and vibrant community and we sincerely hope you will remain a part of it. Moving forward, we will stay in touch with updates, if and when new things develop. Please stay in touch and take good care of yourselves and your loved ones. Embrace the good you find in each day.

Stay safe. We look forward to seeing everyone again at the studio!

Gratefully, The crew at sfclayworks

Registration for Session 4 is closed at this time. Registration for Session 5 opens on August 17, 2020.  We are hopeful that Session 4 will be allowed to open on Monday, June 22, 2020For more info on how to register for classes check our classes page. We hope you will join us in the studio at sfclayworks.

Up next in The Front Office Gallery @ sfclayworks will be the painting and sculptures of Elizabeth Medrano. Elizabeth’s show Confounded Realms-opening event is March 7, 2020 from 4-6 pm. Check out our blog for more details. Available for viewing in the the gallery from March 7-March 28th; Wednesday – Sundays from 12-5 pm.

“Only After Under, Over, Begin”



Tip Toland @ sfclayworks August (7) 8-9, 2020 | CANCELLED

All of us at sfclayworks were super excited to host artist Tip Toland for a Two-day demonstration workshop in August, but due to the Covid-19 crisis, we have made the difficult decision to cancel this event.  We are very disappointed, but we hope that in the future we may be able to reschedule this event. For more info on how to join this workshop, check out our blog about the event.





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