We are way overdue for a wrap up of our 2015 Sam Chung artist workshop. Sam’s demonstration workshop happened over the weekend of June 27-28, 2015. On Friday evening of June 26th, we hosted an artist opening after which Sam presented an informative artist slide lecture. Sam shared images of his work from past to present, told us a little about his history, and shared sources that inspire his work.

During the workshop, Sam created a variety of thrown and hand-built pieces that he assembled and altered in a variety of ways. Our visiting artists always make everything look so easy! Watching other artists work always provides those of us who work with clay a new perspective on the endless possibilities of what can be done with this material; adding, subtracting, bending, folding, and stretching just to mention a few.

After the workshop we are happy to report that we have noticed a few of our students and members who have been inspired by Sam’s techniques. If just one person walks away from the workshop experience with a new way of working or a new idea, we have accomplished the reason we hold these events.

Besides our insight into Sam’s working methods, we also discovered that he is a “master” at replicating sounds and voices. We thoroughly enjoyed our time learning and laughing together at sfclayworks. What a fun and informative experience!


Below are some highlights from the workshop – Photos courtesy of our fabulous in house photographer Takashi Fukuda