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Merging that which is functional with purity of form and beauty is what fascinates and draws me into working with clay and ceramics.  I am inspired by textures and colors in the natural world and try to reflect that in the work that I do.  Perhaps my Japanese heritage informs my desire to keep shapes relatively pure and simple,  allowing strength of form to prevail.   Glazes can enliven and augment a piece, but I also enjoy exploring the contrast of leaving surfaces unglazed,  allowing the surface to become the ornament and speak of its own movement

The natural world also informs the beauty of images that I see through the lens in my photography.  Capturing the intricacies of light and atmosphere is what I enjoy and try to convey in my photography.   Some images are recognizable, while others are more about the light and space rather than subject or place.

A native of San Francisco, I have been interested in photography since my father introduced me to his passion of it a number of years ago.  I have been capturing images throughout my travels but am lucky to have so many opportunities to practice the art right here in the Bay Area. Although a more recent endeavor, I have become just as passionate about ceramic arts and am fortunate to have found a group of people to work with and continually learn from.

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