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sfclayworks is pleased to announce the next exhibit in our gallery space featuring the ceramic sculptures of artist and sfclayworks instructor Georgia Hodges. Georgia will be exhibiting a number of ceramic sculptures in her show titled, “Portraits of a Landscape”.  Stop in and experience for yourself the sensual quality that Georgia brings forth in her ceramic sculptures.

Coming up in the sfclayworks gallery:

What: Portraits of a Landscape: Ceramic Sculptures by Georgia Hodges

When: January 27, 2017 – February 26th, 2017  | Studio hours: Tues 5-9 | Wed-Friday 12-9 | Sat-Sun 12-5

Where: sfclayworks | 2240 Palou Avenue| San Francisco | CA | 94124


Artists Statement:

This work is about expressing the ever present movement of time and the highly expressive materiality of clay. I embrace the history and nature of ceramics, including craft, through my use of slips and glazes, as well as through my building techniques.

I might refer to my sculpture as “soft environmental”.  It’s not making a blatant statement about the climate crisis or directly drawing your attention to the dire repercussions of the use of the plastic waste accumulating in our oceans, but it is very much a comment on what I consistently feel is lying below every daily dilemma or confrontation: that time marches on and nature is resilient and there for us.

Nature gives us support and provides structure. Clay too, is structural, to work with it requires working with gravity and harnessing clay’s tendencies and characteristics. Like Nature, I believe that a beautiful object can serve us, as something solid, to rest against. should be cherished, revered and protected


More about artist Georgia Hodges: 

Georgia Hodges is a San Francisco based artist.  She makes ceramic utilitarian wares, ceramic sculpture, and mixed media drawings/collages She runs The Mud Room at Ocean Beach, a private ceramics collective, where she and three other ceramic artists make their work. The Mud Room is located in the Outer Sunset district of San Francisco. For more info about Georgia’s work, where she sells her work, and The Mud Room at Ocean Beach, go to her website at www.georgiahodges.com 

Georgia has over 20 years experience as a working artist, teaching ceramics and ceramic art studio management, and directing and curating an art gallery for emerging artists.  Her knowledge of clay, the arts, and the creative process is well-rounded and thorough.  For more info about her background go to:  http://www.georgiahodges.com/bio/

Georgia www.georgiahodges.com instagram: @georgia_hodges