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It is 2016 and already five years since we all took the plunge to create sfclayworks. It has always been a desire of ours to have an active gallery space in the front of the studio. We are pleased to announce that besides our Annual Student and Community show, our SF Open Studio Show, and our yearly guest artist show, we are finally making that happen.

When we started tossing around the idea for our new plan, we had the difficult task of figuring out who we wanted to showcase during our first display. We quickly decided that long time studio member, Marcia Rosser, would be a fantastic selection.

Throughout the years we have watched Marcia move from making pottery predominately thrown on the wheel, to her fantastical salt and pepper creations. Marsha has years of experience sculpting her hand-built salt and pepper shakers; she definitely knows what it takes to have them be successful.  Her keen observation skills and attention to details really stand out in her menagerie of sculptures. Besides her shakers, Marcia will be showing an assortment of other work.

We asked Marcia to give us a brief overview of her clay life and here is what she had to say……

“Twenty-five years ago, I had never seen a potter’s wheel.  When someone donated an old kick wheel to the preschool where I taught, my boss insisted that it stay outside.  I walked past it for several years before deciding not to let it go to waste.  I’d take a class and teach my preschoolers how to throw and. . .  So, I signed up for a class at the former Clay Studio.  I was hooked instantly.  After throwing for several years, I got interested in hand-building, which is mainly what I do nowadays.”

Please stop in and see Marcia’s vast collection of animal sculptures and other ceramic work during our open hours. If she is in town, you will probably even be able to meet her as she is a very dedicated studio member whose long hours in the studio are apparent in the quality of her work. Marcia’s work will also be available for purchase during the exhibition. Don’t miss this chance to add to your collections.


Marcia crop  Stop in to see the show: April 20, 2016 to May 10, 2016
Marcia at work…

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Featured images by Takashi Fukuda