Times passes so quickly. It is unbelievable, but 8-years have passed since sfclayworks opened its doors in the Bayview district of San Francisco. Our initial need for a studio to continue our personal love of clay has blossomed into an amazing community. The collective hard work of all our members and the continued support of our students and community members has helped sustain this vibrant community.

Over the last 8 years, we have continued to make improvements to our programs and activities. Besides our core program of studio space and classes, we have increased activities in The Front Offices Gallery under the guidance of studio member Leigh Barbier.  In addition, during 2019 with the leadership of our “Hands-up” member Aaron Lui, we created Clay Lab – an occasional special topic driven information sharing meet-up. Thank you Aaron!

Aaron leading our Clay lab-molds session

Along with program changes that have enriched our studio, over the holiday break from the closure of the studio to the first week of the New Year,  sfclayworks got an amazing make-over.  The biggest change in the studio is the demolition of the old annex wall, allowing us to expand the classroom space. This change helped make room for add a second work table, and also a couple new wheels in our class area. In addition, our annex has been relocated to the back of the studio, and our clay storage area has been transformed to help ease delivery and movement of clay in the studio. There were also  many other small improvements too numerous to mention. 

Thank you Nina, James, Joyce, Takashi, Beth, Leigh, Lucia, Jane, Chelsea, Aaron, Owen, Laurie, and Paula for showing your love for the studio and helping us make improvements. Please forgive me if I forgot to mention you! 

Sadly, I did not capture everyone at work, but below there are some highlights of  a few of our hard working members and the final results.


Leigh’s lovely “Welcome” drawing


James-organizing the “annex”


Paula-Showing her love for sfclayworks


Takashi brightening up the studio


Nina hard at work


Beth adding canvas to our new table


Lucia our patch expert at work


Wow, Color in the classroom


New and improved cubbies and clay storage