Wow, 2014 already!

At the close of 2013, sfclayworks officially completed our second calendar year as a business.

We continued to improve our facilities during the past year; we added a new gallery space, hosted our first artist workshop, created sfclayworks t-shirts, installed a new sign, purchased a new electric kiln, and held our first ever student and community member exhibition. We’re sure there are some highlights we missed on our list for the year 2013; we have accomplished a great deal since we first moved into 2240 Palou in 2011.

The end of 2013 was once again capped off with our second annual box party; a tradition we all insisted be carried on from our former home, The Clay Studio. Below are some highlights from the festivities so those of you who could not make it will know not to miss our 2014 Box Party. Some traditions are really important to continue.

New classes for 2014 start on January 7 at sfclayworks; we have been enjoying a break from the day to day activities and are refreshed and ready to tackle year three.

Thank you everyone for making sfclayworks a great place to work!

Make plans to join us in the studio in 2014!