Hello 2013,

After out first successful year at sfclayworks, we were looking to make improvements to the studio which would help make everyones experience at sfclayworks first rate.

Over the holidays we did a remodel of our entry area and we are very pleased with the results of this transformation. The carpet that everyone hated has been removed, the desk has been relocated, and the front room now seems spacious enough to accommodate the display, “gallery” space, that we all envisioned at the start of this adventure. Now we can start dreaming about our first exhibition!

Another change in the studio is better lighting in the workspace. Faced with new city regulations for businesses to improve energy efficiency, and to make changing a light bulb manageable, the lights in the work area have been lowered to 10 ft off the ground. We had hoped this change would make the lighting brighter and if our first impressions are correct we can say “mission accomplished”!

If you have not been in for a while, stop in and check of our new and improved studio and tell us what you think.

We think you will approve.