August 18-September 4, 2016
sfclayworks | 2240 Palou Ave | San Francisco | CA | 94124 


Opening Reception: Sunday, August 21, 2016 from 2pm-4pm
Jee’s work will be available for sale during the exhibition!


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sfclayworks is excited to announce a new exhibit in the gallery, featuring one of sfclayworks awesome community members, Jee Wipperfurth. Jee has had her fingers in clay at sfclayworks since we opened in 2011; though if her memory serves her right, she has been working on and off in clay since early 2001. Outside of her busy day to day responsibilities, Jee finds time to slip into the studio and get lost in her meticulously carved porcelain pieces.

Sometimes when we look at our own work change is hard to see, but those of us who have been in the studio over the last five years have seen the subtle changes and attention to detail that have grown in Jee’s work. Jee’s commitment to perfecting her carving has really brought her work to a new level.
Please take a moment to read Jee’s artist statement to help you gain more insight into her process, and definitely stop in and experience Jee’s work for yourself.


Jee Wipperfurth’s artist statement:
I have always been drawn to reductive sculpture because of its merciless process and often awe-inspiring results. Removing material in order to reveal a finished form requires deliberate actions with permanent consequences. There are no “do overs”. Although working with clay is more forgiving than chipping away at stone, my recent work is reminiscent of reductive sculpture. I start with a form, usually a functional vessel, examine the salient characteristics then carve away material to reveal a revised object that feels true to its essence. Unlike some sculpture my objects are meant to be touched and held, since utility is a core characteristic. I enjoy making useful objects that invoke emotion.


2240 Palou Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94124


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