sfclayworks New Kiln Is Here!

The count down clock ticked away for the past five days and today, the day we have been anticipating at sfclayworks, finally arrived.

Early this morning our gas reduction kiln was delivered to us by Leslie Ceramics of Berkeley, CA. As you will see in the photos below, the kiln and hood arrived on the back of a flatbed truck ready to be fork lifted off and mauvered into position. The installation was easy according to the Leslie staff, but still involved some tricky moves like making a tight turn after sneaking it in under our roll up door with only inches to spare.

Our plumber Mike was on hand to finish up the ductwork he had been working on last week, and more importantly to do […]

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Gas Kiln Countdown!

Our gas kiln is coming!

Thursday, Feb 23, 2012 will be a momentous day at sfcw. It will be very exciting to see the kiln being driven up Oakdale Street and off loaded through our roll up door.

We ordered our gas kiln through Leslie Ceramics in Berkeley, California at the end of 2011 and during the last month and a half, it was being built in southern California by Ceramics Services.

Before we do any ceramic firings in the kiln, maybe we need to cook up some pizza!  Pizza anyone?




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sfclayworks First Class

Two and a half months since our departure from The Clay Studio, sfclayworks is up and running!  We officially opened our doors to students and community space members on Tuesday, January 17, 2012. The first night of class was very exciting as many old friends were reunited and new ones were welcomed. The photo above shows our first class of eleven students happy to get their fingers back into the mud.

It was great to see everyone again and am happy that their love for clay did not waiver during their time away. Perhaps during their hiatus from clay work they were dreaming of future ideas that they can now accomplish. It was an exciting and fun night!

Our high fire reduction kiln is slated to be […]

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sfclayworks Classes!

Wow! Its hard to believe that only two and a half months after our departure from The Clay Studio that sfclayworks is slated to hold our first class in a week. We have been hard at work getting everything into place, hooking up the plumbing and electricity, building shelves, making pamplets, setting schedules, and tending to all the small details needed to get this place up and running.

We moved into a bare warehouse space at the end of October and last week after staging the equipment in their prospective places it really felt like a studio. The space looks great and we are excited about our future, as well as our role in helping San Francisco sustain a vibrant ceramics community…….

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sfclayworks Celebrity Connection

I was searching around YouTube as I sometimes do and came across a couple of films, one of which I found extra interesting. As I watched the film “Potters of the USA”-Part Two my interest was piqued when I heard the name of the second artist Paul Bogatay. Bogatay, I said to myself, is the same last name as sfclayworks own Lucia Bogatay.  I always knew in the back of my mind that Lucia’s father was a ceramic artist, but I never had the opportunity to see him in action nor had I seen much of his work.

Much to my surprise when I checked with Lucia, she said she had never seen this particular film. It was fun to hear that the elephant in the film […]

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sfclayworks Workday Three

Today was our third big workday at sfclayworks and after moving equipment and supplies into place, the warehouse is really starting to look like a studio space!

As you can see in the photo below, Janelle and Sarah worked hard on pouring our new wedging tables-now we just need to be patient as the table does its slow dry……

We accomplished a great deal today with the help of most of the studio artists, Kyle, James, and three of my former students! The glaze stands were screwed into place, glaze tables were staged, chemicals were placed, cubbies were built, electric kilns were moved, shelves were distributed, a toilet was removed to make make way for our sink, final painting was done, wheels were distributed, and our coat […]

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sfclayworks Leigh Barbier: One Woman Show!

 Leigh Barbier show at Gallery 60SIX
Friday, December 9, 2011
opening reception 6–8:30pm
closing party January 28, 10am-1pm


Leigh Barbier is a digital painter, creating other worlds for the special effects movie industry at Industrial Light and Magic. She has worked on such films as Star Wars, Episode one and two and more recently on Rango. Freelancing between gigs at ILM, she’s worked with San Francisco’s art/music legends The Residents, creating illustrations, sculpture, and masks for their stage performances. Barbier has also built dioramas for the California Academy of Sciences, and joined the all-girl team to make a giant baseball mitt for the Giants’ ballpark.

With such a resumé of alternate world-building, it’s no surprise that her own artwork creates a rich landscape called ‘Mushroomville’. Inspired by religious art, […]

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sfclayworks Buildout Photos

A group of studio artists and volunteers showed up to help build sfclayworks. Thank you everyone for your hard work! If you would like to be involved, let us know. All photos are the work of our in house photographer Takashi Fukuda. Thank you Takashi!

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